Society of Care launches new website and brand

Society of Care has launched a new brand, logo and website to better position itself as a leading trauma and resilience resource for Native American youth, their families and their communities in Nebraska. As passionate advocates, Society of Care gives Native youth a voice, connects them to services, provides wellness education, instills cultural pride and empowers them to build resilience. Greg Donovan, Project Director for Society of Care said, “We believe in a brighter future for our relatives and are guided by caring deeply, transforming lives and healing communities.”

The brand was designed to communicate the Society of Care’s mission, values and meaningful points of distinction. Building awareness, support, and sustainability for the services Society of Care delivers are the primary goals. Society of Care provides accessible, affordable, culturally sensitive behavioral health care, education, and outreach.

The new logo incorporates multiple symbolic messages in one, unified element. It includes traditional, cultural references with a modern interpretation to speak to all of its audiences. The turtle symbolizes good health and long life while the shell represents perseverance, protection and resilience. The medicine arrows are designed to represent the journey of learning more about themselves. The arrows face outward to the four directions symbolizing the health, healing for all and cycles of life. The turtle shell and arrows form a compass which represents guidance so our relatives can always find a good path. The logo uses a vibrant, but earthy palette of colors.

Society of Care’s new website,, features their newly designed brand and logo along with information, resources and ways to get involved and support their mission.

Society of Care is an innovative concept that provides quality care while continuing to expand their scope and accessibility to services. It has been changing lives, strengthening families and building healthy communities in various forms for nearly a decade. This is an initiative of the Santee Sioux Nation. Through the grace and understanding of Santee Sioux leadership, Society of Care works alongside other tribes, partners, and entities throughout Nebraska who empower the mission. This strong network fosters success.

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