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Help support our mission to change lives and communities – participate in events, find out what is happening in your community, check out our resources, invite us speak to your organization or contribute to our cause. Nebraska’s Native Americans need heroes.

The Society of Care hopes you might be one of those heroes – as a strategic partner, a connector, or a donor. The history of Native Americans in Nebraska is one of persecution and struggle. Generations have endured dislocation and marginalization. The legacy of this history is seen in disproportionate rates of poverty, illness and behavioral health concerns. Trauma impacts every facet of life. Those who have not had stable childhoods are challenged to raise healthy families. Yet Native American’s are strong. Resilient. It is a story of survival.

We help. We make a difference. We change lives. The Society of Care, along with its partners, have made significant advances in the quality of care and life of our Native American relatives throughout Nebraska. We need partners. We need your creativity. We need your connections. We need your funds. Please help us continue to reverse the wrongs of history. Please help us help Native American children in Nebraska.

Youth Empowerment


Society of Care believes strongly in the power and potential of Nebraska’s young Native Americans.

We eagerly seek opportunities to empower young relatives to overcome challenges, develop their skills, and aspire to productive enriching futures. This occurs through a number of initiatives that differ in scale and scope between communities but are united in intent and focus.

In Lincoln, we have launched Trauma Warriors. Trauma Warriors are a cohort of young leaders who we are preparing to provide guidance and referrals to their peers during times of challenge.

There are many ways to get involved at Society of Care


Society of Care is devoted to increasing understanding, skills, and capacity. We embrace the opportunity to enlighten and prepare relatives and partners. Areas of focus include the following:

  • Grow Our Own (an intensive behavioral health career exposure experience)
  • Motherhood is Sacred / Fatherhood Is Sacred
  • Parenting skills
  • Historical Trauma & Resilience
  • Demographics and Dynamics of Nebraska Native American communities

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