Trauma Warriors
Native American
Youth Council

The next generation of Native American Leaders and Healers in Lincoln, NE.

Trauma Warriors is an official, nationally recognized UNITY Native American Youth Council.

The group is intertribal (meaning that it’s not for just one specific tribe) and we welcome self-identifying Native American youth ages 12-21 years old. We tend to recruit ages 12-19 and then encourage members to stayt on until they are 21. From there, those 21 and older members may choose to join the TW advisory and mentor the group.

Group Objectives

Community engagement and service Work.

Promoting wellness and using culture as prevention.

Opportunities for drug and alcohol free fun and fellowship.

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“I was going down a dark path and when I joined Trauma warriors, they showed me how to be myself again.”

“[Trauma Warriors has] shown me leadership and has introduced me to a community that I can be a part of.”

“[I learned] how to cope with mental health, how to reach out [and] how to help someone with mental health.”

“I learned how to cope with loss and stress in a positive way.”

“It helped me stay out of trouble.”

Trauma Warriors Elect Their Own Leaders

In late October, Trauma Warriors members can campaign for their November election. The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected by their peers and serve a term of one year. The current 2021 leadership team is as follows:


Bryson Eagle

Southern Ponca

Lincoln East High School

Vice President

Lizzie Casas


Graduated Lincoln High


Ruby Segura


North Star High School


Carmin Rodriguez


North Star High School

Trauma Warriors
In Our Community

Participated in painting the mural on 48th and Saint Paul in collaboration with The Lux and Lakota Artist, "Focus."
Hosted the "Celebrate Our Youth" event at the Indian Center with community partners. Over 250+ community members attended.
Partnered with Ponca Tribe to send out 40 Valentine's Day cards to local Elders.
Trauma Warriors Secret Santa and Ugly Sweater Contest.
Partnered with Tractor Supply Store to do a toy drive-brought in and distributed over 200+ Christmas
gifts for local Native youth
Teamed up to make home cooked thanksgiving to-go meals for Native families facing food insecurities. Distributed 40 full meals.